She Glides.

She glides

She minds
If someone does her wrong
She cares
With all of motherly heart of hearts
She loves
Enjoyment, passions shared
She cries
When injustice is offered as punishment
By country's near and far
She will live
We hope
Until she is bent and old
She is happy
When things start going her way
She is funny
Intelligent In an unusual way ☺
Her worry
Causes bumps sometimes
In a crowded place.
She'd tell you herself
An hour
Then home to bed

Does not think like that
He prefers
To hang around
Still similar
In many ways
He will love her
Until the end of life
They share a home
Decades together
Kids moving on
In each others pocket
Time apart
Can mend a heart
Stress release
From occupational meetings
Tribulations in familial relations.



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