He's not usually one  That you'd expect to see  Here That strange looking guy Over there by the chair The one by the puggie Him In the blue jean's Standing not sitting Yeah That's him there He looks kinda shifty He worries me some Really My friend  What gives you  The right To be Judging the strangers You meet in your life You don't know  Who that is Is it his jacket  The raincoat His hat Does he have a strange walk Tell you what pal Just fuck right off! That man is a father A brother Someones kin An uncle A warrior? A son He has worked for a lifetime  Providing the staples Always trustworthy Ever capable Hes not here to hurt you Go on Let him be He is not troubling me Leave it alone You're the first one to panic  When thing start To go wrong AGL

I've seen things too.

 For all of the places I've never seen  Scenic wonders or a well constructed Edifice adorned by the intricacies  Of the masons chisel  A white sandy beach on the aqua Caribbean  Stretching to a distant headland  Whos vista is disturbed by a Barbadian summers haze  A European forest where I might walk for one week among trees in their  Natural habitat  I've never sat at the stern of a liner  midway between here and there  No land glimpses above the endless curving  Horizons  In every direction  I've never seen these things first hand  With both of my bespectacled eyes  Only in two dimensions  From another's point of view  Maybe one day  But then again  I see what is in front of me  Beautiful  And  Ugly  Kindly, respectfully  Despairingly and compassionately  Just like you.  AGL

The light and the shadows

 Gone are the strings Snipped by sharp scissors  Each coloured chord Holding you tethered Unevenly severed You might topple Hard as it is To keep both feet on the ground The stresses and strains Want to drag you away The green ones a burden As are the others All shades Pulling you upwards Out of your comfort For now anchored firmly As you sharpen the cutter Snipping each one It might take a long time To cut your way free But best cutting something That is not you or me The circle disperses As your ills sail away Up into the heavens Where they pop  Dropping the stresses Like cold stinging rain Unforgiving torrents Of psychological pain When we are free Living right now Looking back when it's over Or at least  Under smaller clouds  Think of the colours You released over time  Embrace summer showers Dance in the rain Or sit in the quiet Enjoy a quieter brain Place bare feet firmly On wild open ground You've employed all times wisely To redress the balance  Followed an instinct Dis

Life doesn't always...

A cold dripping mist enveloped me in its cloak It lifted me on to a cloud Strewn with bolts of lightning Invisible bumps caused me to stumble Reminding  me while crouching forwards  That it is alright to be humble You can always get back up It came to me slowly Through help and assistance That in the past This life I love was littered with persistence Ever the fidget  Always moving When I sat down My body kept rigid Relaxation beyond me Such, busy 'ness' as liquid Flowing all the time Never meeting any obstacle No still pools with membranes  Insects dart across If you've been touched by illness Or longing Ever been down further Than anyone can fathom Watched an edge and thought about jumping Stared at the sea for too long some evenings I hope my friend you simply keep breathing And die full of wrinkles, a turtle in pringle Not tragically reported in a five line obituary Lost to the world a spot on your legacy Causing too much pain and heartache To those who lived with you a

Keep it steady.

Building on foundations With bricks made of stress Results in them crumbling When the tower gets higher They cant stand the weight It presses them down Each one a brother Baked in the same kiln Placed on a different day Events can vary Some are scary Other you might lay yourself Being too serious Or maybe appear petty Morally up a gear Offended by the slightest Humour led image Or joke that offends you Perhaps it went past you You hold much sterner views When it comes to right and wrong You have your reasons Why should we judge you? But nevertheless If I might suggest Take a chill It helps support you Worry about important things The rest is only Sandless mortar The tower may fall Destroying you As you grow taller Then perhaps shorter As you stoop into your old age Turn a different page Laugh a little Have some fun Yeah be a true one That's a bonus Kindness and all that Jingle jangle Don't attack the structures That keep you fro

It's about now.

Modern times We live in Historic some may say Everything is history Quicker than you can say Memories are hidden Sometimes we obscure Facts that speak with truth to us Revealing mistakes weve made Maybe in a conversation Or in something left unsaid? A joke you made quite innocently At another mans expense? Perhaps we wish we'd done things differently Spoken with respect, amicable positivity Laughed more quietly Not raised our voices Made better choices Not stolen the chocolate bar Or the radio from anothers car Not said I love you to one who destroyed you Never went to that place Passed through the wrong gates The trip that concerned you Nightmares came true? If we are not careful Peril and danger Go with your friends Never with strangers Now you look back with a little regret No point in that my human friends Lifes for living It's about today Moving ahead to the new tomorrow Our time right here might just be borrowed You can't go back

The trouble with dreams

I had a dream one night that I had taken a fall Spinning as I plummeted Out of control I fell from a mountain From way up so high From then on my friends I was sure I would die. As I fell  The mists parted The green land below Rushing towards me Barreling, rolling Brief glimpses of earth Not soft and inviting  But harshly defining Quite fatal and instant I raged and I cursed I closed my eyes Emotions ran wild Laughing inevitably Crying with fear Knowing my adrenaline Could not help me get clear Running is futile when you cant reach the ground Fighting the air would have been stupid It's not even there Now I'm not an eagle No wings to catch drafts No grace in my flight As I rocketed down All hope was floundering What of a haystack Or a large mountain loch A soft woodland canopy A pool owned by a family A mattress so soft? The seconds seemed longer Like minutes my friend Slow-mo In trauma Is common I hear The height of th