Sunday, 20 October 2019

She Glides.

She glides

She minds
If someone does her wrong
She cares
With all of motherly heart of hearts
She loves
Enjoyment, passions shared
She cries
When injustice is offered as punishment
By country's near and far
She will live
We hope
Until she is bent and old
She is happy
When things start going her way
She is funny
Intelligent In an unusual way ☺
Her worry
Causes bumps sometimes
In a crowded place.
She'd tell you herself
An hour
Then home to bed

Does not think like that
He prefers
To hang around
Still similar
In many ways
He will love her
Until the end of life
They share a home
Decades together
Kids moving on
In each others pocket
Time apart
Can mend a heart
Stress release
From occupational meetings
Tribulations in familial relations.


Friday, 12 April 2019

Mother's day

Mother's day shopping caused me to wobble
In the shop
I walked out
As I trembled
No more buying two cards
Our mum has gone
Seeing her family
Beyond the clouds

I was surprised
But maybe I shouldn't be
It was only December
When angels came calling
Her failing health
Made her unable
To keep going in this life
In pain but kept stable
She died free of pain
The drugs they enabled
Comfort in life
As last breaths escaped her

Sleep well our wee mammy
I hope you are around us
Give our regards
To those who went before
My head fills with fleeting
Moments of sorrow
You loved us unquestioned
Put food on your table

Sleep well now the mother
Awake on a new day
You won't remember us
Now in a different place
Alive again
Sing with the angels.


Monday, 17 December 2018


Anxiety threatens security
Compounds the stress
Optimism demands you be positive
Outlook confounds dismay

Should we expect failure?

Love and laughter
Or tears and hate
Kindness follows you
If you give of yourself without looking for consequence
Receive in kind if luck prevails upon you
A truth of life
The Good of you honoured so
You realise more of your worth
When kindness favours you

Avoid the scumbags
They will drag you under
Out of breath
You cough and splutter
True to your self
The Air is clean
Not monoxide fumes.
Plagued by misery
Stuck in their own lives
Choking on the misfortune of others
They are sometimes victims
Of a life less fortunate

Or cautiously treading
Fearful of the world out side of windows
Most going by are truly honest

Wealth is determined
Not by cash

Abundance in caring
For everyone
Fills your wallet and your pockets
Helps the old cover a draught
Create a smile and a laugh
Not a tear in hungry bellies
A stressful existence
Expecting the worst each day as a future
Peppered by debt
Weans are all threadbare

Working hard
Paying the toll
Safe and secure when you get old
Healthy and hearty when you're a kid

A care for the others who are so out of reach
Misery and torment visiting too much
On lives carried off by gluttonous pigs
Who could cure of the suffering
At least offer food
Borders staying open
The great and the good
Humanities revealed
By the hearts of our brethren
Each of us kings
As queens they are equal
Our spouse's or friends
Family is forever


Wednesday, 10 October 2018


I could not be you
Take away the pain
I just had to watch
Driven nearly insane

I wish time was a healer
Could be put into reverse
Drying your tears
Seeing through your eyes
Stung by incomprehension
But knowledgeable still
You knew it might happen
But hoped it would never occur

I wish I was me
Free from your sorrow
I'm weak and I know
Sometimes life is just borrowed

I am only I
Never can I know
Just how you felt
Slow motion surreality
An existence so shallow
Filled to the brim with excesses of sorrow
The best of hopes only have a chance to arrive
If you're still alive tomorrow


I wish I was you
To carry the load
Even for a short time
Till the worst of it ends.
We met for a short time
My time will come also

Now fly with the wind
Your heart is free
We are far from home
It was too hard to stay
Take care young explorer
We will meet again

Those who tried to guide you
Onto solid ground
Steady your ship
Help you stand proud
Will keep trying to help others
In the ways they know how
I hope we have learned
That sometimes no matter what
The decision to leave
Is too strong to stop

Now you are dead
Free from your pain
Sleep well in the other place
Summer for ever
Sweet is the air
The sun on you forehead
The warm wind lifts your hair
Running quite freely
With those who went before

Those left behind will forever mourn
Sadness envelopes
The strongest of men
Never forgetting
A young one has gone.


Friday, 11 May 2018


Watch the swiftly feeding swallow
Sun outside
But not it in the hollows
Of the shrubs and the greenery
Fresh cut lawn
Hydrangea, Rose
Honeysuckle aroma

The fields with the peas,
A sea of swaying green
Moves like an ocean
The sound of the trees
Moved and being shaken
By the summertime breeze

Cattle in the drive way
Pheasants shouting loudly
The deer are cautious
Barn owls swoop in darkness
Caught by car lights
Badger scurried across the road
Foxes rare
The game keepers gun.

A lamb down a tree trunk
Discovered by Rosalind
Pulled out by a farmer
Care for injured falconry
Rescued for love
Of all that was around us
The freedom
The tranquility
The sea and the solway
Not too far away

The Glen with her garlic
Appetizing rambling
Down to the shore
Where pebbles and boulders
Stretch out through near Luce bay

The cave has a host
A man in a smock
Ninian the monk
Later canonised
Who sat in meditation
Considering faithfulness
Sheltered from harm.

Causes me to ponder
I miss beautiful Physgill
In the south of the Machars


Thursday, 1 March 2018

I do not understand?

The sensitive trigger depresses
Mechanical ease
Index finger pulls it closer
To the disturbed individual
Gaunt body
Gnarled and blistered dreams
Brought him to 'his' place

Twenty rounds fly out
One follows another
Velocity and impact
Innocence destroyed
While watching from the next room
Some  pretend not to hear

Not understood?
Driven by misery
Tortured by a development
That fucked with his head
The person who murders
To such an extent
Invisible as troubled
From those he has met?

Would it be possible
In an empty hand
No recoil to manage
Avoiding death
Mindless carnage
Never seen
Without a gun
Teenage angst
Might be more quickly appeased
Not made all of the worse
Lives are extinguished


Really boy?


Pleading for lives
Hardly realised
Seems impotent and useless
It is hard to hear above the rat a tat tat
The screams produced loudly
Panic and flight
Or protected by a doorway
The border of hope

Mr politician
Who covets national history
Read and be taught
Chinese whispers have fooled you all
This is not right
Offering collateral
A nod to the right

A constitution
based on Militias
Time moves on
Developing society?
Jefferson knew
He explained with clarity
Barbarism should be
Confined to history
A man does not wear the jacket
He got
From his mother one day
When he was but a boy
Come on now Sammy
Take away his toys

Gun laws?

What is the point?

Unless you are a hunter
Why have an assault rifle
The chicken laid the egg
Scrambled my brain
To me
Is it all to you?

It seems easy to change
With words and with pens
Ban the automatics
What is wrong with that friends.


Saturday, 11 November 2017

War, Ypres and society.

We all go away
We die one day
But not too young please
Not too young

On your terms
Is the preferable option
As best as you can
As best as you can
Not extinguished
On another's say
Sent there on the decisions of others
For betterment?
Lest men should faulter

Lose some fields
Spend more money
It's not sarcastic
Or slightly funny
When the funds for war
Would have us imagine
That culling is
The economical option
Not sitting round to discuss the hordes of soldiers
Trim the fat
From every nation
The rank and file are sure
A safer workstation
Would be better
With some weekend fun and recreation

War and thunder
Takes them away
The battle of Ypres
The first brigade
The London Scots and the Cameron men
The Black watch played
As comrades died
Laments respectful
Chests with pride
Fingers softly
Caress the chanter
The boys get by
By using banter

On every side
The sands are mud
The mists of time
The guardsmen lunge
National expansion?
Or society driven
Social distraction
Vile attraction

The bugle sounds at the end of the day
Fields of blood
Haigs poppies sway
Honour them
Every one
Those who lived
The others not fortunate
The scale of such carnage
Is so disproportionate

How history sticks
Ghosts standing proud
They should not have perished
Some not found
Beside their mithers
Is where they  should have stayed
Should have remained
Built and played.
Out in industry earning payment
Not ducking and shaking
Scared afraid
Adrenalin valour
Fight or die
A final tear escapes his eye

Choices made by authorities
Outrage expressed by the rich and famous
They don't know what it could ever be like
Unless they've served nation's with pride
Wee Jimmy served
And Jimmy died.

Pens are dipped
In the tarnished corridors
Signing texts
To make them orders
Make wee Jimmy go off to ypres
Let wee Johnny see his friends set free
Watch as Tommy sinks beneath
Watch our Charlie now deceased
Ordered over
Whistles bled
Hollow shrill
The Earth is stained
The Earth is stained

Greed and dysfunction.
Self serving establishment?
Lords and their chums
Narrow minded beaurocrats?

Cleaned and loaded
Machine gun fire
Choking gases
Small stove fires

Conflicts made of the endeavours of men
To show another they will defend
While stirring tea in China cups
The squaddies trudge up to their limit
Why are the privileged not among it?
Hold the spoon
A biscuit colonel?
Or perhaps a brandy
Regiments sink
In fetid insanity

Rats and lice
The stench of people
Horses killed
Saddles absent
Harness Mark's
Near starvation
Both sides now
Scarred forever
Blood and tears formed a river
Flash bang thunder

Tommy's gone
Epitaphs message
This lowly lad
Was a credit
He took his place
On Belgian meadows
Close our eyes
Try to imagine
The harrowing horror
Some lads witnessed

Take the men who sent them over
Lies and spinning
In the great war nobody was winning

Give the 'elite' a helmet
Some socks and combat boots
Wee Johnny can stay at home
Watching his children grow to adulthood

Let the few kill one another
If the feelings running strongly enough
Save the generations
Working men
Who might still be sent to war
They should not feel responsible
For suicidal actions
They done what they were told
Or shot for desertion.
A tactical win
Specific action

The white cross
Silent and still
Beneath the grass
Johnny sleeps
Disquiet and storm clouds
Took him under
He passed he thinks
From heroic intention
King and honour
He was worthy
Indoctrinated into doing what's right
Johnny stood and Johnny fought
A candle flickers
In the window tonight.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Stresses and strains.

I love this life
Its good to be alive
Despite the distractions
That lose us sometimes
Stressed out by working
You just can't decide
If it would easier
Just living
Unsheltered, outside

Chilled in the winter
Cardboard no shelter
Continuing to grind it out
The next day no better
Sometimes when working
You can leave for two weeks
dealing with the pressures
The way you know how

You'll go on a holiday off of west coast of Africa
See some old friends
You could meet in canaria
You might go with your wife
Rejoicing in your life

You realise quite quickly that
Staying on at the factory
Paying your way in this sunny weather
Is cheaper forever, tacticly
Peter and Paul
Safe from sneaky robbery
You kept your money in the bank
Despite all the temptations
Around every day

You might be entrenched
With all kinds of debtors
Fearfully receiving the red ones demanding
Without all this shit
Each day could be outstanding

Stresses and strains continue
Any notion of you landing
Squarely on your feet
A wish for more dinners
Plentiful bounty
Children need fed
So that they are healthy and sturdy

Everyone one is stressed sometimes
The reasons many the pain heavy
Through life
Dancing quite effortlessly or stumbling precariously
Clumsy ones perish when strains get the best of them
Tripping and skipping
Drunken or sober
Needing more cash
To get through October

Somethings are best left
Way deep in the past
Trials that tribulate us
Might cause us to faulter
Late for a meeting
Because the tyres are leaking?
If that's your only issue
Have a tissue.

Works just a part of it
When you're carrying such weight
But try to consider
That moments quickly pass
Stresses and strains
Are never built to last
Once gone

In the future
Details might be a mystery
Slipped from your mind all too quickly

Stressors can cause discomfort and misery

There is comfort in knowing
History is grey and black
Hidden by reality
There is no returning
To places and events
That hurt or confused us
Made us sore or bruised us

For some I fear
The worst is true
I wish the world would do more for you
Take a hand
We will walk with you
Tell you
It is going to be alright
Help you to decide
What you can do for you

Celebrate those
Who have slipped from your sight
They're still in your head
The relationships different
As others have said
I am sure they watch over you
As you go for a nap
If they showed themselves in front of you
You would bend and may snap
They have no wish to frighten
Those left behind
Especially when in life
those folks were always kind. x

You don't need to forget things
But rather remember
The shining examples
The rougher than diamonds
The wonderful happenings
And the sorrowful mourning
The births and the marriages
White cars and carriages
The children arriving families spreading
Moving on cautiously

Hoping for the best?


Thursday, 5 October 2017

AG Leyden: Walk on by?

AG Leyden: Walk on by?: Streets washed by pouring rain Gutters try their best to accept the deluge Blockage upon torrent Sound, gurgles, lapping, dripping ...

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Will we?

Hello my auld mucker
How have you been
Do you still visit your local
Mess around on the microphone
Karaoke fun
Bounce around like a maniac
Still drink like a fish
Or have you taken up running
Or is it time to relax

Are you still as rambunctious considerate and funny
Or are you now boring
Wider than before
Dancing on the telly
A quiz show with Bradley

You seem to be the person I would have hoped
You would have become
I could be wrong buddie
Its been so bastard long

Its been a while matey
How's the wife and weans
Does your misses care about you
As does mine
Are the kids a reflection
Of the man you have become
Hold them close buddie
Love them the most

I remember our outings
Holidays in the Sun
Or up in our country
Where the clear burns run
Where we quenched our thirst quite freely
Under the August Sun
Carrying packs on our backs
Fuck, they weighed a ton

We miss those friends we have not seen
Ideally we'd be able to see them more
But we drift away on our own breeze moving us along
Necessity of flittings
Jobs and relationships
Hiding from life or basking in glory
Steadily plodding
Or idle and worried

In the social-media world there is nowhere to hide
A tool for finding people
A way to build the road
revisit some memories share make comments
go over old times

Many faces
Many places
Each unique and some incomplete
Their reason for being missing
Is for their ears
Struggles, troubles ill at ease
No chance to visit
They won't ever be seen

While the others remain forever close
In your heart always because
Too much has happened in great companies
Where wine flowed freely
And beer by the gallon
Music enjoyed
Mental endeavours

I care for them all make no mistake
I hope I meet those folks again
Before they 'might' come to my wake
In the coldness of days
Friends are a bright light.
always around us
At least in our heads
I love all of my comrades
My buddies my pals
Those who insult me
I love even more
With them you know fella
you know where you stand

Hope we meet soon?
You illiterate buffoon!
Or maybe you're thinking
Never would be too soon.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Olden days?

The purpose of living is to service the riches
Pay taxes, insurance money to the witches
Who spellbound remind us they are in charge.
Reliance in nothing except in the wallets
Of the privileged, establishment driven by cash.

We cannot step off
Just walk away
We are hungry, have children
Many bills to pay
With one hand we are paid
In sums worthless to most
Then dutifully we pay back
The lords who have gold.

Live for the moment
Die when you're old
Scrimping and saving
A soulless cheapened bowl
Stale bread to live on
Mould on our walls
The wealthy established will laugh and they'll scoff.
Us as subservient will bow and we'll doff
Caps that are thread-bare
Clothed in rough sacks.
Servicing debt
A rod for our backs.


Monday, 4 September 2017

We all.

Who walk like us
Hateful or loving
Petite or tall
Kind in consideration
Of how others
May wish to meet
Another person
Just like you
Neighbourly and true

Into the world unmoulded
Each and every one
Designed to learn
You walk and then you run

Cultures bend the malleable mind
Into what normalcy states as proscribed
We land in communities of diversity
In every corner
Eyes witness many things
Unseen by another in far off lands
Who peeks nervously through vertical blinds

The biggest cities unclean streets
Open expanses out in the fields
On the sloping  mountain sides
Placid lochs
Deserts dry
Forests aflame with life
As far as eyes can see

Some wish they could live in another land
Safe and more or less care free

As different as the next man
As are the roots in every tree

It's nobody's fault
What happens to you
Unless you choose to be wicked
Untamed and never bothered by
Morality in your being
Bringing misery to the masses
While you profit
Holding dirty money in filthy hands

Recognise your difference
Take comfort in who you are
Look after one another
Stand up when threats are near

United we are human
Divided lonely souls
Who know not of acts of kindness
Or of helping those around
Rarely do we see
True spirit in all we see
Not death and carnage visited
On those you'd like to maim
Ripping out the minerals
Saying we'll make them free
Shameless dereliction
Plain for all to see
Beaten too submission by
The sinning media shite

Insurgencies and radicals
Politics is life?
Smash fists into hard ground
Scream with all of your might
Stop those stupid bastards
Before they extinguish every light
No more the vile insanity
Obliterating beautiful lives.


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Share my warmth.

Mine is the flame that burns
Fiercely the embers blown by the winds
Steadily ignited I'll fight and I'll win
The fire will go out of that I am sure
The once scorched lands will be free and be pure.

The warmth that radiates scorches my soul
If I could care for all peoples
I'd make them safe in my glow
Free from the doom that causes innocence to go
As dying in pain they are extinguished
 by twisted men's blows

Take all the fire let the torches be lit
Shining redemption

Lead them to flight

We don't need religion to know what is right
The heat from the fire
On the coldest of nights
Warms my conviction
Parachutes my fall
Floating down gently
Softly I call
Come to my hearth
Shelter for all.


Friday, 4 August 2017

AG Leyden: Far away.The fragile heart can never be unbroken...

AG Leyden: Far away.

The fragile heart can never be unbroken...
: Far away. The fragile heart can never be unbroken When shattered beyond repair one million tiny fragments destroyed and filled with rea...
Far away.

The fragile heart can never be unbroken
When shattered beyond repair
one million tiny fragments
destroyed and filled with real despair

Many different reasons
a multitude of horrors
be it love gone suddenly
or a nation that does not care
visions of atrocities
witnessed and not compared
to anything you will ever experience
from a comfortable sitting room chair

resilience is an easy notion
when all you've had to deal with
is unemployment or poverty
debt or western fails
1st world problems
a lack of social care?

if I lived in war torn lands
i'd roll over and die
But only after I'd made my stand

hide behind my soft hands

the pampered scots heart would break with ease
my biggest worries handled, please!
no matter how bad you think things are
to experience those horrors you'd have to go far
drive for weeks
in your modern  abundantly available lead free fuelled car

tears well up
i want to cry
when people drown
or infants die
as we; so wasteful
simply sigh
and state revulsion
from way up high

broken hearts
don't make me laugh
real time issues
from centrally heated authority provided high rise flats
where losing the remote
is one of life's tragedies
or a broken pipe
keeps you from the lavatory

get a grip!
keep on moving
at least your'e alive
free to gloat
stubbing a toe
breaking a nail
get a skelf
at least you are well
allowed to live on the outskirts of hell
protected by lies and deceipt
government tells you all is swell
while killing civilians with poorly aimed shells.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017



Invisible to the outside eye
A monster hides behind his lie
He maybe looks
Just like you and me
Hair and skin
Smiles and fears

You could meet him in a local bar
Discuss with him you're dreams
Your car
The truth of his nocturnal cravings
A head removed with skillful shavings.

Invisible the saint or sinner
The beautiful mind or heinous ripper
The poet lord of all his scribbling
Looks out from a head that spins with vigour
Too pained to gaze for long in the mirror
Afraid his words show him to be madder
Than the worst of men
Insanely driven

The monster creeps with agile stealth
The carer soothes to give of health
In the street passing on
Invisibles' behind silent screaming
Conceal the facts
Whatever they are dreaming
Always watching
Forever scheming.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Twisted truths.

A breath of wind.
Sails on my neck
The hairs stimulated
Stand up

Visions of murder
Flickering pixels
Show me that humanity
Has lost his way
Blindly they follow
Just on 'his' say.

If you want to see everything


Gain some height
Remember that philosophies
Are invented,
Not always right
Magnanamously proclaiming
That their diety has power and might.

Up on my hill
I can see way beyond
To the immediate vicinity
The obvious is formed
I witness all things
Done in a gods name
Those concluded twisted hatred's
Used just to blame
Righteousness offered
As falsely it is claimed


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Modern life.

Philosophies, atropies,
Items of necessity
Willows and meadows
Industry and commerce.

Our work shy
Our bothered
By illness and callus
The student, the worker
The earner
The driven
Who squeeze every penny
From cups never empty

The never ending chalice

That refills aplenty
While the drones collect the scrapings
Embittered with longing
And loving
Massaging the egos
Everything costs.

Choices aplenty

Necessities abundant

Regarded by some
As fairly repugnant
Bread on the table?

I'll work when I can
But only if able.

It is not my humanity
That causes such ferocities
It's fiscal and emotional
Often radical

But never allowed to simply be

Water and shelter
Shade from the Sun
Succulent foods
Weans propagated

Not chasing a tail

As aspirations sail

Too fast too catch

Human legs are no match

If you never stop

One day you might drop

Life is for living
And about giving
Following dreams
Imagining schemes
Experiences measured
In choice
With considering
Can I achieve
Are my hopes withering

Industry moves politics are necessary
Enterprising individuals
Deserve to be winning
In no fairy tail
Would their lives
Ever be sinful

Be considered to be hurting
The folks in their charge

If you treat them with dignity they won't
Go on a march
Not standing together
The classes may clash.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Domestic bliss.

in the beginning
he says i love you
in so many, many ways
the caring is an out pouring
i'll stay
i'll stay
i'll stay
he'll love her in the morning
after a night of sexual fun
he will take her out to dinner
love her more
when they get in.

trust is all around them
the hook
the lure is cast
she feels as though she's found him
the one, the man, the last

she'll love him over luncheon
she'll listen as he sings
all about his successes
what she does for him

she'll love him at the wedding
smiling like the sun
defensive of his honour
he is boisterous
he is fun

she will understand
when he tells her
that he is interested in her mails
the text he heard arriving
was it insurance
or a pal
facebook is a medium
he scrutinises with his love
you must know my baby
in you i'll always trust.

the boiling heart evaporates
intense and hot to touch
not caring
anger is not love

each blow she feels delivered
with care
each violent stroke
insecurity turns to jealousy
as her spirit is torn and broke

defending him
he is her prince
her saviour
her reverant lord
returning every time
as love overwhelms her
he bathes his hands in blood.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The three lochs. WHY?

During, I think 2009 or 2010 I was lucky to have taken one weeks annual leave from my job with the NHS. 

Since moving to Wigtownshire I had become friends with a group of gentleman, all of whom were older than me, they, like me, enjoy the hills and the freedom that it allows a person, to wander, camp drink? and generally simply be enveloped in natures wonder.

Weeks before the week off I had visited a trail that sits above Glen Trool, the walk begins beside Bruce's stone high above Loch Trool and with no little effort leads one up past three Lochs, Loch Valley, Loch Neldricken and Loch Enoch, I believe that Loch Enoch is the highest Loch, not Lochan, in the country.

To be so close to Newton Stewart, about 15 Miles, and encircled by Dumfries and Galloway and Ayrshire is brilliant. The Lochs are Located from the Solway Firth in the south to the boundaries of East and South Ayrshire.  A virtual wilderness, not Alaska of course, but in Scotland we value the opportunity to roam free. The Galloway Hills affords this privilege, you can walk for days without seeing another soul.

So given a weekend pass by my very understanding wife I set off while she, on a promise of visiting the Cinema in Newton Stewart the next day, Saturday, took care of our three, then, young children.

I was off on this mini adventure on my own, taking a full back-pack, tent, sleeping back, cooking utensils, beer, water, clothing spare shoes etc.  It is safe to say that my pack was probably far too heavy, but hey ho we need what we need.

So leaving our home two miles out side of Whithorn I drove the 30-40 miles to the car park beside Bruce's stone.  It was Friday, the spring was almost summer, the temperature was in the teens and I was thrilled to be getting away from the drudgery of life for what was planned to be three days.

My walk was planned and mapped out, I knew, ROUGHLY, where I was going, first day I'd climb up to Loch Enoch, Pitch for the night, the next day I'd head for a Bothy further north, and on the third day I would come back down via The Merrick, the biggest Corbet among lesser hills all over two thousand feet high.

The good thing about Long Distance walking is that it is inevitable that you pack will get lighter as you go, Consumption is a wonderful thing.

I left the car around 10:30 am and just as luck would have it the rain came on, it was for a short time, big old fat rain as Forrest Gump would say.

I had only walked a short distance before I realise how blinking warm and soggy it was, the humidity was high as were the ferns I was now hidden by, as I trudged merrily over a cattle/sheep track towards a small river, when I got to the 'Small' river I discovered that it was now a thundering torrent, moving very quickly and the difficulty in getting over this obstacle was compounded by the very slippy boulders I had to navigate and by the weight of my tortoise house that was already murdering my back, I was not the fittest then.

I took my pack off and strenuously lifted and pushed it on to the top of the largest boulder, the boulder would, hopefully, allow me to make a short jump to the other side. The sweat was pouring from me now and I was regretting this route almost immediately.  Literally one slip or misplaced foot and I would be swimming downstream faster than an Olympian at the Lido.

Thankfully I managed to get on the boulder, which, was very mossy and sodden, slimy and treacherous, my confidence in my ability waned a bit when I realised that the short jump I was proposing to make was actually about seven feet, and, the rushing rumbling water was going as fast as a small car below, a murky and dim cavernous area.

It was then that a thought started to invade my head, 'I don't remember this bit?' I sat down on the rock steadying my resting pack with one hand I began to have an epiphany; I had went the wrong way!

The walk to the Lochs did not require me to traverse any rivers this early in proceeding, I had left the car park and wandered, stupidly over a tall stile that had led me through the ferns to this place in hell.

So laughing a little manically to myself I extricated myself from the boulder and sheepishly retraced my humid steps back towards the car park.

The rain was now steady and the wind was picking up, but in the spirit of what can only be described as insanity, I carried on regardless.

The energy I had already used implored me to rest a while before continuing.

I should have decided there and then to abort the mission, but my foolhardy nature and my keen intention to be alone for a few days won over.  I was up trodding if not quite plodding along.

At last I reached familiar ground and began the laborious trek as the path climbs steeply for a time, the sweat poured as did the rain.

All of this serves to remind us of the need for properly fitting waterproof trousers and caution in how many layers you wear is also a consideration.  I was knackered, over heating, guzzling water, steady trodding, plod, plod, plod.

As the ground beneath my feet grew increasingly peaty and squelchy I continued, stopping after a few steps on the incline to catch my breath, my glasses were misted over almost continuously, visibility though good, should have re-enforced the notion that I should turn back.

But no!  On I went.

Once past the slog to Loch Valley there are three or four small burns I splish splashed over them with ease, or was able to stand on a piece of an exposed rock in the water stepping stones style.

On I went up the side of Loch Neldricken, on to the valley like access to the final destination the far side of Loch Enoch.

As I came down off of the access to Enoch two things struck me, it was very windy, no longer a warm pre summer breeze but a stinging blast that carried needle like rain drops.

My level of exhaustion was becoming increasingly more apparent as at last I came to the north side of the Loch, as I stopped my body began to cool down significantly, the weather by now was atrocious and I, alone and fully exposed with no cover knew that I needed to get my tent up quickly and get a brew on.

The effort to get the tent up was considerable, but at last I managed to create my safe haven.

Soaked through I climbed in, by now I had literally had enough.  To top off my feelings of joy I noticed that the floor of the tent was now a puddle of peaty water.

I made my brew, drank one beer and then stripping off to my undergarments I climbed into my now damp sleeping bag.

What ensued was a very long night, when I had finished pitching my tent it was around 3:30pm, I decided that if the rain stopped and the sun came out I'd get up and move.

This was not in natures plan, it had rained and continued to rain for around thirty hours.

I lay awake for most of the night only fitful paranoid sleep was possible.  At one point in the wee small hours as I lay there, the only human for miles I heard the strangest, freakiest noise I think I have ever heard.

You know that sound a large round stone makes as it is dropped on to firm grass from a few feet, a kind of thump sound? I heard this right outside the tent at what felt like a few short feet away.

After my shock I drifted off for a time, wakening at what I thought was first light, checking my watch it was 7:30am.

The loud sound of heavy wind-pushed rain reverberated off of the tent, so I lay on, waiting...

At about 8:45 I decided that I had better move no more did I fantasise about the sturdy bothy with a wood burner, no longer dreaming of relative comfort under a sturdy roof, I was going home.

Gathering my self I slithered from my sleeping bag wrapping it up immediately I covered it in the thick bin-liner I had brought it in.

Packing my gear after a brew and a sandwich I knew that the time had come, every item of clothing I possessed there was sodden wet, so I removed everything except my socks and my water proof trousers and windproof jacket.  I left the tent with more reluctance than I can ever remember having at any time in my life. 

I collapsed the tent and chucked it in to its bag unceremoniously secured it to the ruck sack along with everything else and headed back down.

It is amazing how much water can fall in 30 hours, the entire vista, the ground the mountain streams above the small burns, now rivers, the land around had tried it's best to cope with the deluge spewed over the banks of the rivers.  Where as just last evening I skipped merrily across it was now apparent that if I placed a foot in there it would be too fast for me to handle and I might be swept away.

The first river of four was moving rapidly, the water heads towards Loch Doon from way up high and gravity implores it to move fairly ferociously when it is so in spate.

It was. in my estimation, absolutely impossible for me to get over such was the ferocity of the current and the depth of the water, I had no choice other than to circumnavigate Loch Enoch a distance of some 3/4 miles, this was a difficult proposition because at points on the bank a steep cliff edge is part of the geography/topography.  Edging slowly and with the weight of my rather full rucksack, I continued on for what seemed like an eternity. 

This is not to be recommended unless you are a Bear Grylls type, trust me on that; This was daunting and nerve wracking, one poor step or skid on the grass would see me fall fifteen feet into the shallow loch edge below, that would have been very painful at best.

This was accomplished despite the tussets of grass that are so prevalent in the Galloway hills, every single step I made was placed differently on flat ground, just about every second step I stumbled and tripped.

Knackered already, I headed down through the access valley, the mist was thick here and I almost lost the path.  But, eventually I clambered down the steep hillside to the next obstacle at Neldricken, again a very fast moving mountain river, I had to scramble vertically finding a crossing relatively easy this time.

The next bit, although a bit of a slog, was Ok, I squelched along the well defined path before rejoining the descent towards Loch Valley.

This is where I actually thought I might be in trouble. Just below the Loch there is a stretch of flat land, the river had burst its banks and the entire area was completely submerged in water.

I had no choice I had to go for it, the hidden ground under the three feet of water, and deeper in part was a tussets ridden nightmare.

I stumbled a tripped once more, but this time I went all the way over, I was laughing loudly and almost with hysteria as I was submerged or partially submerged in water. Back pack on my back trying to weigh me down, stepping for a time, tripping, stepping splash, laughing, recovering, stumbling, splash.

Once out of the 'lake' I still had the river to traverse, this time upstream, splashing and sloshing all the way.

Needless to say I am very thankful that one of my falls did not end too badly, at the very worst it was a potentially you tube classic entitled 'Stupid auld Bastard almost dies'

I trudged on after that, dragging my boot shod feet onward and downward, eventually I reached the road and climbed the far too steep dirt road back to the car.

This was the worst experience of my life of walking and hill climbing and I know that many of you will have experience the utter emotional joy of reaching your vehicle after a strenuous effort and the ecstasy of sitting on the dry, well not now, car seat. Drying myself with paper towels in the car before starting the engine and driving at what felt like 'far too quickly' for home.

Of course Wifeling was out when I got home at around 2pm, she had taken the kids to the cinema, I had no key to get in, our house at the time was a rural lodge house in the bungalow style.  the utility room window was open for the cats to get in and out so that was my only option.

I could not, did not have the energy too climb in, and had to drag myself head first on to the sink unit inside before dripping on to the floor.

Straight to the bathroom I ran a deep roasting bath and climbed in, bliss.

When I came out I dragged my aching muscles to the back of the house retrieving a beer from the fridge I opened the back door.

The sun was splitting the skies, not a cloud in view. not one, it must have been about seventy degrees.

Sitting on a bench by the back door I supped my beer and let out a sigh.

Why oh why oh why, and did that actually just happen or was it a figment of my imagination?

Scotland.  She might try to kill you but she also has a dark sense of humour.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Last chance, wake up ffs.

The best I can do
will be the worst for you
chances I take
with your liveliehood
will impoverish
and enslave you

Debtors beware


Taxed in too submission
on every thing you do
on work on food
on energy
On the breathes you grab

For air.

On the back of 'his' decision
We stepped into the void
To appease the union's minions
With promises of gold.

Scotland oh our nation
Seperated from the rest
By a thousand years of antiquity

By laws and points of view.

The angles sought to rule us
Forging coins for palms

Driven by aspirations

By land and feudal arms
Considering that their entitlements
Were worth much more than yours

Now we stand United
Our country on the brink
Of realising her potential


No Scotsman should need to think

The last chance now approaches

Assets hanging on

The thread of this unequal marriage
Lie withered, torn, forlorn

Voting no in the referendum
Will strip our souls away
Unless your fear is broken

Because fear it is my friends

That would allow you to be governed
By right wing fascist scum
Who line their deepening pockets
With the sweat of every Scot.

Monetary capitalisation
Grabbing every cent
If the penny drops too late
Our nation will be bartered
Sold to private equity
By the cronies of the toffs
Lining London's silkin troos
Laughing leering scoffs.


Monday, 23 January 2017

It is not just tears that run from my eyes
It is the visions from the USA
I want to be blinkered, blinded, hide

Blanketing my ears
In an euphony of soothing
Sounds reverberating
A voice promising all
The greatest one
Watch Olympus fall

Witness the order
Made of old
Middle class protected



Deaf ears listen to nothing
A blind man
In his ivory tower
The right has it
But not the right direction
It leans that way
That's all.


Monday, 2 January 2017

Be all.

Positivity explodes from every pore
Despite my doubters
This year I'll do much more
More for others if I am able
More for my family
Food for our table.

Be all
Be everything
Reach for the star's
Grab opportunity
When it comes along
Don't be fearful of anything
If you can't see it
It's not there

Resolutions are a misnomer
Bound to fail unless
Heroically striving
You can drag your self from bed
Failure makes you hurt inside
Disappointment is the foe
When February roles in
You'll weep inside
Lie low
Avoid the gaze, the question's
The intentions you shared before

So this year I'm not trying to change dramatically
My aspirations will be tempered
Measured in a way

My mind is set to a default
I've probably had before
Self doubt is now the enemy
Belief in me is raw
Is the focus
Bring it to myself
Ignore the dampened shadows
That have me running scared
True to me and the possibility
That what I have is rare
A talent for direction
In no way will I be forced
By society and her need
To keep me in my box.


Monday, 18 January 2016

passaleth: Different speed

passaleth: Different speed: A calm descends Feeling fine I've been around for a long, long time Via every twist and wind Following along The guiding line ...

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Obituary (the rest to follow)

They tell us
When remembering our lives
We should not begin
By stating where we came from
By relating to the reader
The date we burst in to the world.
We must not be drawn
To impart memories
A list
In order
To be understood.
Endeavour to show them
Through pictures in their heads
I don't remember the day that I was born
I will never recall
A photograph
The first to steal my form
On a black and white beach
Memories of mother
Father working hard
We are oblivious when young
Freely fed we're warmed
By the ties we have
The bonds we gather
School comes on
At first you fall in line
Measuring up
Reported as being fine
Disillusionment  takes longer
If you are so inclined
Try as you might
Is diluted by the might
Of sheepish individuals
Too weak to allow
Young minds to take flight
Causes pain
Strength implores
To the end
Keep on moving
Ever forwards
Fuck them all
Those weaker brothers.
I could go on
But for now I'll
At this junction
Twenty years is

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Real Angels.

What is it that compels
Goodness in some?
Who go beyond the expected limits of  care and of grace?
Why do they do it?

The selfless and the golden
Shining like the sun
Not ever defeated
Enduring of great pain
The blisters of exertion
Staying calm, remaining sane

Those are the Praise worthy
Devotees of human kind
Who do it
Not for glory
But mercy
And for love

Not for god or for disciples
Laurels or for fame
Neither Allah, Jude or buddha
They do it just for dignity
Because they care.


Tuesday, 8 December 2015


We watched with disbelief
As those selected by democracy
Followed their own hearts
Driven by nothing more
What must be 
Loathing for you and for me
What else could you call it
I don't want to bomb the Syrians
Just like I felt before
We should have spared
Iraqis from our man made fire
And indignant ire
Terrorist scum
Don't represent the masses
Just as
Bombs cannot discriminate
Blast blown tornadoes
Already tired
Children dying in their beds
While western powers
The Rest
Protect us all from thousands of miles
At least
In their inflated heads
Oil well fires will
Go out
Blow them away
Then restart
Fuelling governments need for wealth
Destroying innocents in a flash
Raping each continental shelf
It is fossil fuels that turn the wheels
Without it
We'd be living in peace.
No palms to grasp
Greased up oily-tycoon's
Profits made
Saudi Sheik's
Saudi Sheik's

Tuesday, 18 August 2015




Appointed with a word and a nod
Unevenly representative


Oh Lord!

Not by any stretch
Of anyone with imagination

By wealth and privilege

Working class
Some were once

But not any more

Lords and Ladies

I give you



Robes adorn
The infirm
Noses in troughs


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A sense of life

My eyes have seen all that has passed before them
During wakefulness
My ears heard music
Sung by the angels
I have smelled the sweet aroma of a garden full of roses
And touched, gently
Silk woven in nature

I see when my eyes are open
hear when I pay attention
Prefer to smell aromas, forsaking odours
Feel the blunt
It does not cut me open

As long as I live
I will observe as best I can
Listen with all of my audio awareness
Use my olfactory sense, enjoying the knowledge within
In gardens or tips
I will know where I am
Use my fingers, the magical tools
To manipulate, work and stimulate

Until I close my eyes for the last time
As the sounds diminish
The smells are clinical
And I can feel no more

I have tasted life, the gluttonous
The repulsive
The proteins and sugars
Salivated over morsels

Eaten my fill.


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Is it my fault?

If I watch and do nothing
Am I culpable
If I listen but do not hear
Am I as much too blame
If I smell the fire
Do not put out the flames
Will the earth be scorched
Could I be blamed

If I walk past someone in need
When I ignore the heartfelt pleas
Discard as though unimportant
The injured or the dying
Should I feel shame
Am I to blame

When thousands die each year
In mediterranean seas
Gurgling as they are released
From a life that has tortured them
Deprived of sanctuary
Is it my fault
That their lungs fill with  sea salt fluid

Am I too blame?
Should I feel ashamed?

I try to elect those that should feel compelled
To avoid the coffin swell
Look after those in need
The poor, impoverished
There to feed
Or to send the necessary seeds

A life jacket
A child supported
A tax pound sent
Retrieves a life
Almost spent

Is it my fault?


I did not consent


I will always resent
My feeble soul.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

What if?

What if all of the things that rush around inside of your head?
Came true
A cacophony, a jumble
Untested, untrue
Factual and surreal
Coloured by the imagination
Of you

What if?

You sort through each item
Deleting the worst thoughts
Saving the interesting
Publishing the wondrous
Contemplating the weird

Of those saved
A gem appears
A passing notion
A flicker of light
An image so obscure to you
It almost causes fright

"If I invent a button, that can cure the ills of man
A mechanism for salvation, but not spiritually planned, an emblem of innovation so superior in its working that it causes world leaders to stand side by side, for people atop every shape of lands"

What if?

What if?

I could publish with a click the way to dry the blood
A bandage placed on freedom
A shake to wake a nation
A point on which we agree
Seven billion happy humans

What If?

What if?

It happened



Sunday, 8 March 2015

Keep your eyes open,

The smile evaporates
As my eyes read the news
I can simply close the page
As the needles of despair pierce,
The pain that I feel
Injures my screaming soul

Imagine if you will
How it must have felt
Abused until death
Beaten broken bones

Feel if you can
What they feel in every minute
Of every day
Mummy doesn't love them
Pain endless pain
It's all he knows
All he's ever known

Seeps from the pores
Of neglected
Skinny children
Who know nothing of warmth

Excuses come a flooding
From the gaping mouth of the accused ones
It was an accident
I cared for him
My son
My only one

Take them outside
Let them feel the wrath
Of one hundred tortured infants
Given space to play

Nails that will tear
Little teeth nipping sharply
Skinned to the core
While they are alive
Lies unwritten
Eternal vengeful torment
Quickly forgotten.

Feel for them
Think of them
As the cold winds blow
Tying little shoes
Or fixing pretty bows

Hold them in every beat
You have left, alive here on this earth
Comfort them in silence
Broken bodies mourned.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Walk on by?

Streets washed by pouring rain
Gutters try their best to accept the deluge
Blockage upon torrent
Sound, gurgles, lapping, dripping

Feet sodden
Canvas shoes on wrinkled feet
Starved and homeless

A crust for a feast
A coffee from a caring stranger
Thrown not placed
Flippantly produced
From well heeled pockets

Hard-hard floors
Aches and pains produce
Voluble groans
Tossing and turning
Scared to sleep

Forced insomnia
Gaunt fragile face
Chilled beyond the bone

Cast out of comfort
Into hell
Death would be warmer
A rotting empty shell

No employment with no address
Opportune less 
Never will he redress
A tipped balance
Too far stretched

He once had a job
A second hand car
A mother and a father
A sister and a dog

A roof and a bed
Couches to defend
A shower to cleanse
A pillow on which to rest
A sleeping sleepy head

Illness took him
Confused him

Spare a coin
Spare a coin
Luckless endeavour
Still just a boy

Canvas shoes on brittle feet
Pain so bad
Fungal athletes

Any change
Any change

Not today.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


The kid on the edge
Watches while others frolic

He stares blankly
Envious of popularity

Astounded by
Cultural freedoms

Ideologically apart
Even from those who he would have as brother

Saddened and lonely
The speck among a world of frivolity

Spitting the dummy
He envy's them their toys

Hostages taken
Women, girls and boys

Any excuse
Murderous intentions

I do this for my god
Not because I have been soaked in falsehoods

Born in another time
Perhaps able, to make up his own sweet mind

Circumstances impaled him
To the banner of the chosen? ones.

On the periphery
Looking through ornate glass windows

He cannot look too closely
The curtains drawn
The curtains drawn

In my prophets name
I sever your head
Hate filled
Now they are dead
Now they are dead.


The innocents bled
Red in red


Monday, 10 November 2014

A century on

Blood and carnage
On muddy fields 
The victims bandaged

Shells like rain
Thunder claps
Men obliterate
Western allies

Heads of state
Cleaning their shoes
Logs on the fire

No fires burning on the front tonight
A snipers clue
Tommy's' life takes swift flight
Sinking in the foetid stinking first light
Into murky depths, darkness


The footfalls miss the duck-boards planks
Toms' tunic sodden swamp like torn
Shrapnel rendered, quite forlorn
Drags the morning strollers
Boot clad foot down to meet
His rotten corpse, lifeless hands
No not the grasp

On this murky
Autumnal day
Leaders pay homage
But only through prayer
Thanks-giving for the dead
Conscripted to die
A century later
We still wonder why?

We are the generations who have avoided such atrocity
Choosing to live and not enter the fight
Choices are easy when life deals a slightly more positive hand
If choices are limited
Find your self in foreign lands


Friday, 26 September 2014

Here we go again!

Darkness falling
Ebony crawling
Hearts bleed in mourning
People dying

Murder forming
Raining down
Missiles launching
War is coming

Heads are forward
Almost crawling
Sands are blowing
Accepts the scorched remains

Soldiers running
Bullets flying

Kill them all
Children falling
Friendly crushing
Collateral carnage
To kill a few
Innocents pay

Darkness falls at the break of day
Night won't come for many
I hate this world



A gaping mouth
Filled with pain


Sunday, 21 September 2014

The nature of friendship.

Throughout my life
I've had many
Called friends
Some of them women
Most have been men

Falling into line
Circumstance driven
The faces I observed
Socially given

Confused by the logic
Thinking too much
Borderline neurotic

Memories of the tragic
Decisions I've made
Intrinsically flawed

What of the good times
When everything flowed
Smiling so warmly
Laughing along

Stepping outside
Of my own mind
Third party viewpoints
Have messed with my head

I climbed to the top
Where I perched on the ridge
The roads snaking off below me
Which byway to risk?

Directions once taken
Chosen on a whim
Did more harm to myself
Than to anyone else

Mistakenly naive
About the bonds I once formed
Some friends I have cherished

Bonds that were strong

One and all
Ready to catch them
When tripping, they fall

Respect for another
Freely observed

Brother to brother

And then there's the others


Friday, 18 July 2014

Fuck this world part two!

We watch while people die
We hear the grinding carnage
It grates at us
It tears us all apart
Nothing we can do?
Why should we even start?

The obscenity of it all
It is mostly about money
Oil or weaponry
Or of lands that they have stolen

Among the terraces of housing
Crammed up so tight
A western funded nation
Will call us Anti-Semites
If we dare hold their scornful savagery
Up to our secular lights

I feel helpless
I feel hopelessness
Wealth and power
Continues to devour
The honesty of workers

Look out world
In case you get what you bid for
Billions dead
In tatters

While leaders? choose to have discussions
Decisions made
That have an impact
But only on others
Protecting their position
Votes for casting
United as a world of people
We could easily defeat those misguided brothers

"Now I hear the chapping door
Jackboots coming soldiers stomping
How dare I have such a view?

If I can do so, how about you?

Incarceration or a bullet to the head
If this world keeps turning
Would I be better of dead?"


Saturday, 28 June 2014

What's your pleasure,

I like the way it makes me feel
I covet the notion
That it is real

The smell of it
Gives me pleasure
Taken in times
Of absolute leisure

The caress it offers
In times of stress
The absolute
It is the best

By the rules of another
The choice is mine
Mine forever.


Thursday, 26 June 2014

one in four

Gifted to the waiting masses

Grasping for air as you fall and tumble
Losing your breath as you scramble and bumble
Tightly they hold on
Clawing and biting
Meek and quite humble
You bend to their will

The demons they muster
Desperate to have you
Invasive they snatch
You kick with your heels
Forcing them back
They will not defeat you

Resting for once
Until they attack
They will return
Catching you napping
Stealing your dreams
Riding on your back

Out of the darkness
A glimmer of hope
Changing your thoughts
Life must go on
Supported in some way
By those who surround you
Cared for and safe
You can move forwards

Don't drop your guard
Until they have left you alone
Let him who is sane
Cast the first stone

Madness is out there
Waiting in ambush
One out of four
Succumbs to his force

Rest easy my friend
Guided by knowledge
Each day will arrive
Just like the last.


Thursday, 15 May 2014

It is you as it is me.

Individual one of a kind
A description for
Every woman man and child
The foibles
The talents
The issues
The strife
Living each day
Until the end of this life

Wandering with your lids closed so tight
Not a glimmer or notion
No chink of bright light
Knowledge is golden
Eyes open wide

Capable of beauty
Creative and kind
Cautiously treading
Thinking out loud
Ugliness scars
The cruelest of souls
Differences measured
Commonality assured

Be true to your self
Love and respect
Suffer when pained
Laugh when amused
Eat when you are hungry
Fast if you must

Learn to be truthful
Staunchly opposed
To evil in men

The world is an oyster
The pearl is a bonus
Devoted to partners
Honest and Kind

Most of all friends
Know your own mind


Friday, 25 April 2014

Happy Birthday Karla ;0)

As parents we all can hope
That our children will succeed
Not with materials
Or paths of gold
Or perhaps to look after us when we are old

That is not what children are for
They are here
A gift from nature
Not from God
To live on the planet
Experiences gained
Life goes around

I see her smiling gleefully
Excitement beyond the pale
Chewing on a piece of toast as slever
Soaked her chest

I see her as she toddled
Finding the world
In a new school uniform
Cute and alert

I see her as she sings
A nightingale would be pleased
I see her as she listens
To Mr York and Co
The highs and the lows
Creeping and weird
Musically guided
Eclectic and intelligent

Beautiful too

We love her as much as we do the others
But as old as she gets
Our hearts fill with joy
Our eldest
Our daughter
Who knows not her worth
In time she will see
Why she came here to spend time with us 
Here on this earth

Happy birthday wee darlin
we wish you but happiness
The future is brighter
With you in the world

Although as your faither
I embarrass you still
A fat chubby Spiderman
Or dancing like a fool
Or singing out of tune
Know this

We love you
Most of all
We care what you do
Most of all Karla
We are glad you are you

Happy birthday Daughter
18 today
In my heart and my mind I smile
Because I know you

Love & peace X


Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Tradition suggested that we may need a break.
Crowns and religions,
Exposed as just fake
Politicians who tell us that all will be well
While smiling so sweetly
Party's for sale

Crowns made of paper
Angels and John
Shoes, tattered and skinny

Asking Them all

If they'll spare you a penny, your house has just gone
What about Sheila,
What about Ron
Can they both have some money
They're cars in a pond,

Insurance, taxation
Scriptures and diction
 Man made addictions

All caught in the maelstrom 
Of evolution not fiction.



Friday, 21 March 2014

Better now.

The light has been extinguished
Darkness fills me
Nothing can illuminate
Not candle or beaming torch

Fluorescent dreams
My only saviour
Strange to think that sleeping
Is the only sanctuary I have had

With eyelids tightly closed
I would expect only night terrors
 Hear them scream and call
The wonder of imagination
Has caused the veil to fall

What of tomorrow
Will the east present the sun?
The star above can warm us
Under her we burn

When I open my eyes
The brightness returns
Hand held high
I run

Free from the ebony horror
That has held me here for so long
Free of thoughts that have ruled me
Turning all of my rights to wrongs

I sleep in peaceful slumber
A bed so clean and warm
Early, Happier
Sweetly comes the dawn.


Thursday, 20 February 2014


Warmed by the love she carries
A beacon
Showing me the way

That's a long time
Not long enough
To have her here with me.

The tranquillity of those moments
After the flood
Emotion's riding on a wave
Take me to the shore

Beyond those twilight minutes
With her
Darkness never comes


Monday, 17 February 2014


A coldness fills me when I read the news
Victims of crime
Broken and confused
Toddlers stolen away by their mothers
The insanity of this life
Leaves me battered and bruised

Evil is a man made concept
A word used to describe

That lacks any sense

Life goes on
Some may say
If this is life?
I don't want it 'any way'
Fate is discoloured and altered by hate
Who decides who lives and who dies or who stays
Our earth bound cultures are in quite a state

What memories and compulsions tempered her feelings
To murder her son,was his life worth stealing
Remind her of the heinous intent
In front of the cameras
Upset and distant
The truth is hidden
Her small son dead
For all of that she appeared

Polished and pressed

Some might say
That she was pained
The trigger once pulled
Could never be restrained

No matter what you will believe
To kill a child
Is the worst of crimes
Illness may explain a little
No matter 'mummy'
Let us not belittle

Burn in hell
Eternity of pain
I hope you feel
Acid in the rain
Writhing forever
Tortured and pleading
Deaths to quick
I hope for eternity
Your heart is bleeding
Never at peace

Memories will haunt you.


Thursday, 5 December 2013


Swathed in his cloak he wanders in silence
They cannot see him
 Incognito, he is hidden from the glare of their sight
Imagining the ease with which he passes right by them
No bullshit or traumas
And no bloodshot eyes.

Taking revenge on individual proponents
The flock is dispersed
Vengeance is his
The sheep without the herder
Are easily fleeced

Transparent unseen breathing with ease
No need to look forever behind
Each corner taken in the warren and classrooms
Threats disappear when you cannot be seen

The truth is they see him

They wait by the bus
Following behind they swear and they cuss
'Ho gay boy, hey poofter'
Who is your boyfriend?
They laugh as he crumbles
Tears from his eyes.

At home in the morning
Mother is caring
He masks all of the terror
There right behind his eyes
Quietly he slips out of his front-door
Determined to get there
But fearful and timid

Despite all of the nerves
The confusion, crouched demeanour
He wishes he could fight them
Right now
All at once

Invisibly fleeting
Throwing the blows
Punching with venom
Smashed, broken nose.

Unseen he's a hero
His family don't know
Teacher's oblivious
To his silent screams

The bullies they ruin
Confidence in children
Brutally squashing
Dreams with their ire

Humour they call it
'did you see him crying'

Uproarious, immature laughter
Adolescent, alien to reason
Torturous, uncaring
Chipping and wearing
His armour is broken
Happiness gone

Ideas of dying grasp at his soul
A walk in the woods
No way to turn
Sleeping and swinging
The boy has now gone
Bullied to death




Monday, 12 August 2013

Viewed from above.

Standing on the edge of reason
I look from high to the crowd beneath me
Each face different from the next
Some bewildered
Most perplexed

This man they seek

Redemption beats him
But what release when chains are heavy
Manacled by invisible tethers
Humanity pretends that all is well
Eyes closed tightly
The truth to frightening

Witnesses are not in favour
The horror of the tyrants fists of fury
The crowd below
Worships freely
A pretence so great
He knows they love him



As I gaze from way up high
I drop my ladder down from the sky
The first to try may slip and fall
The multitude will hear my call
To not be blinded by visions of glory
This man who would have them believe him righteous
Climbers ascend to destroy his piety

Don't be fooled by those false prophets
Who would tell you now
That they are worthy
Delivering nothing
While offering riches

Sons of bitches

The throng, like sheep
Ignore the facts
Each minute darker
Midnight black
Vote for him
There is no going back

Choose the way
Your head decides to take you
In our heart's
We all covet freedom

From above the view is greatest
The plan lies clear
For all to see it
This view is plainly seen from here
Up above
Horizons peering

The future is bright
As day is dawning
Read by scholars
Promote the facts for faithful